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Building on the research strengths of our research partners, SCCS brings together skills and expertise from universities and research institutes across Scotland, the UK and further afield.

We carry out strategic and innovative research across the full CCS chain, including CO2 capture engineering, transportation, storage, utilisation and impact analyses. Our researchers are engaged in economic, legal and regulatory studies and consultation work. We also deliver academic qualifications and CPD training.

Click on the links above for more information on research expertise, facilities, outputs and our Global CCS projects map. We are active in:

CO₂ Capture and Power Plant Engineering

  • Evaluation and benchmarking of capture technologies, development of novel technologies
  • Chemical modelling of capture plant and processes
  • Capture-power plant integration modelling
  • Performance, flexibility and power plant economics


  • Impurities testing and modelling - physical properties and phase envelopes
  • Dispersion modelling of leakage scenarios
  • Evaluation of pipeline sensors and measurement systems
  • Techno-economic modelling of capture and transport systems

Storage and Injection

  • Screening and ranking of CO₂ storage sites
  • Full site appraisal, using a combination of field studies, monitoring and laboratory analysis
  • Evaluation of monitoring technologies and techniques – baseline and ongoing monitoring
  • Overburden leakage simulation

CO₂ Utilisation and EOR

  • Core testing and high pressure flow visualisation
  • Reservoir simulation and modelling to assess EOR potential
  • New catalytic methods of conversion of CO₂ into value-added chemicals and fuels
  • CO₂ mineralisation using mineral wastes

Policy, Economics and Environmental and Societal Impact

  • Researching public perceptions of CO₂ storage
  • Public engagement and understanding of CCS
  • Assessment of terrestrial and marine environmental impacts
  • Economic testing of CCS system scenarios

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