CPD Opportunities

If you are looking for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) opportunities for employees with an interest in any aspect of carbon capture and storage, we can provide tailored training to meet your needs. For example, we can offer short courses in CO₂ disposal and reducing the emission of greenhouse gases, or CO₂ injection for geological storage and enhanced oil recovery.

Here you can find out more about some of the CPD short courses we have run in the past. If you have any specific areas of interest, we recommend that you contact us to discuss your requirements at info@sccs.org.uk.

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CO₂ Storage: Geology for Engineers

This short course was designed for Engineers and Managers with limited or no previous geological knowledge. The aim was to provide an up-to-date introduction of the geological and geophysical aspects of CO₂ Storage.

Programme details:
  • Introduction: CCS and the energy company; basics of geology
  • Disposal options: saline aquifers; depleted hydrocarbon reservoirs; unmineable coal beds
  • Geology of reservoirs: clastics and carbonates; depositional environments; petrology
  • Traps and faults: faults and fractures; basic trap geometry
  • Geophysics of CO₂ detection: seismic; gravity
  • Tracers of CO₂ migration: natural and artificial
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CO₂ Injection and Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)

This short course was designed for geologists, researchers, industry executives and managers with limited technical knowledge and anyone who wanted to know more about CO₂ injection, flow and storage in underground geological reservoirs.

Programme details:
  • CO₂ properties and behaviour in reservoirs
  • Interaction between CO₂ and oil and water
  • Oil displacement and recovery mechanisms
  • Oil displacement and recovery mechanisms
  • Reservoir drive mechanisms and implications for CO₂ storage
  • Injectivity, Mobility and relative permeability
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Risk and uncertainty in the geological storage of CO₂

This course introduced risk management techniques and explored uncertainties associated with the geological storage of CO₂. It complemented the course 'CO₂ Storage: Geology for Engineers', by examining the behaviour of CO₂ in the subsurface and how this information is used to estimate properties of the storage site such as capacity.