WP SCCS 2019-11
SCCS response to consultation on the list of candidate Projects of Common Interest in cross-border carbon dioxide transport infrastructure
WP SCCS 2019-10
Infrastructure Finance Review: SCCS consultation response to HM Treasury and Infrastructure and Projects Authority
WP SCCS 2019-09
Industrial Energy Transformation Fund: SCCS consultation response to BEIS
WP SCCS 2019-08
Strengthening the UK’s Oil and Gas Decommissioning Industry: SCCS consultation response to BEIS and HM Treasury
WP SCCS 2019-07
SCCS initial evidence to the Infrastructure Commission for Scotland
WP SCCS 2019-06
The Future of Regulation: SCCS evidence to the National Infrastructure Commission
WP SCCS 2019-05
Future Investment in Energy Infrastructure: SCCS evidence to BEIS Committee
WP SCCS 2019-04
RIIO-2 sector-specific methodology: SCCS consultation response to Ofgem
WP SCCS 2019-03
Clean Growth: Transforming Heating - SCCS Response to BEIS consultation
WP SCCS 2019-02
Strategic Infrastructure Sector Plan: SCCS response to SEPA consultation
WP SCCS 2019-01
SCCS Briefing: The role of CCS in a just transition


WP SCCS 2018-12
Building a Zero-Carbon Economy: SCCS evidence to the Committee on Climate Change
WP SCCS 2018-11
Technologies for meeting Clean Growth emissions reduction targets: SCCS evidence to Science & Technology Select Committee
WP SCCS 2018-10
Requested evidence to BEIS Committee Inquiry: CCUS - gas standards, hydrogen and GSMR
WP SCCS 2018-09
Evidence to BEIS Committee Inquiry: CCUS – Supplementary RAB business models, gas networks, transport pipe re-use and decommissioning
WP SCCS 2018-08
Negative Emission Technology in Scotland: carbon capture and storage for biogenic CO₂ emissions
WP SCCS 2018-07
Publicly Owned Energy Company SCCS evidence to the Economy, Jobs and Fair Work Committee
WP SCCS 2018-06
Carbon Capture, Usage and Storage SCCS evidence to the Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy Committee
WP SCCS 2018-05
Climate Change (Emissions Reduction Targets) (Scotland) Bill: SCCS evidence to Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform Committee
WP SCCS 2018-04
The future of the oil and gas industry: SCCS evidence to the Scottish Affairs Committee
WP SCCS 2018-03
Scottish Crown Estate Bill: Evidence to Scottish Parliament Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform Committee
WP SCCS 2018-02
The Production of Low Carbon Gas – SCCS response to Carbon Connect consultation
WP SCCS 2018-01
Congestion, Capacity, Carbon: Priorities for National Infrastructure – SCCS response to the National Infrastructure Commission consultation on priorities for national infrastructure


WP SCCS 2017-08
Clean Growth Strategy – SCCS response to the UK Government consultation on the Clean Growth Strategy
WP SCCS 2017-07
Scottish Energy Strategy – Consultation Response
WP SCCS 2017-06
SCCS response to consultation on the new Scottish Climate Change Bill
WP SCCS 2017-05
SCCS response to consultation on the list of proposed projects of common interest for cross-border carbon dioxide transport
WP SCCS 2017-04
SCCS Response to Consultation on the Long-term Management of the Crown Estate in Scotland
WP SCCS 2017-03
Net Zero Carbon Scotland: Perspectives on shared objectives
WP SCCS 2017-02
Response to UK Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy consultation: Building our Industrial Strategy
WP SCCS 2017-01
Supplementary evidence to Scottish Parliamentary EJFW Committee: CCS and heat


WP SCCS 2016-07
Scotland’s Energy Strategy: The role of carbon dioxide capture and permanent storage
WP SCCS 2016-06
Leaving the EU: implications for UK climate policy (SCCS submission to ECCC inquiry)
WP SCCS 2016-05
SCCS response to Energy and Climate Change Committee inquiry into 2020 renewable heat and transport targets
WP SCCS 2016-04
Environmental Audit Committee: submission to Sustainability and HM Treasury inquiry
WP SCCS 2016-03
House of Commons Energy and Climate Change Committee Fifth Carbon Budget Enquiry
WP SCCS 2016-02
SCCS Response to Maximising Economic Recovery of Offshore UK Petroleum: Draft Strategy for Consultation
WP SCCS 2016-01
Scottish CO₂ Hub - A unique opportunity for the United Kingdom


WP SCCS 2015-05
Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) in the European Union Energy Union’s Governance
WP SCCS 2015-04
Certificates for CCS at reduced public cost: securing the UK's energy and climate future, Energy Bill 2015
WP SCCS 2015-03
Assessing interactions between multiple geological CO₂ storage sites: generic learning from the CO₂MultiStore project
WP SCCS 2015-02
Carbon Dioxide Transport Plans for Carbon Capture and Storage in the North Sea Region - A summary of existing studies and proposals applicable to the development of Projects of Common Interest
WP SCCS 2015-01
Authorisation of carbon dioxide storage offshore Scotland - anticipated effects of further devolution


WP SCCS 2014-03
Carbon Capture and Storage in the EU's 2030 climate and energy framework
WP SCCS 2014-02
Carbon Capture and Storage in Scotland and the European Union
WP SCCS 2014-01
Sleipner CO₂ securely stored deep beneath seabed, in spite of unexpected Hugin fracture discovery


WP SCCS 2013-08
Briefing: Carbon capture and storage in Scotland
WP SCCS 2013-07
Progress on Carbon Capture and Storage in the UK
WP SCCS 2013-06
Industrial CO₂ Source Clusters in Scotland
WP SCCS 2013-05
CCS for Industrial Sources of CO₂ in Europe
WP SCCS 2013-04
Briefing: CCS for Industrial Sources of CO₂ in Europe
WP SCCS 2013-03
Planning policy and the deployment of Carbon Capture and Storage in Scotland
WP SCCS 2013-02
The future of carbon capture and storage in Europe Response to COM (2013) 180
WP SCCS 2013-01
Supporting the further development of Carbon Capture and Storage in Scotland


WP SCCS 2012-01
Comment by Stuart Haszeldine on Zoback and Gorelick (2012)
cf: Zoback MD, Gorelick SM. Earthquake triggering and large-scale geologic storage of carbon dioxide Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2012 Jun 18


WP SCCS 2011-01
Feasibility Study for Europe-wide CO₂ Infrastructures


WP SCCS 2010-08
Towards a Public Communication and Engagement Strategy for Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage Projects in Scotland
WP SCCS 2010-07
Comments on Little and Jackson
WP SCCS 2010-06
Pipeline infrastructure for CO₂ transport in Europe
WP SCCS 2010-05
Formal response to Economides, CO₂ storage is feasible
WP SCCS 2010-04
Popular response to Economides, CO₂ storage is feasible
WP SCCS 2010-03
Benchmarking worldwide CO₂ saline aquifer injections
WP SCCS 2010-02
Evidence presented to Energy Bill 2010 Committee
WP SCCS 2010-01
Race is on to capture carbon


WP SCCS 2009-04
Investigating the prospects for Carbon Capture and Storage technology in India
WP SCCS 2009-03
Carbon capture and storage: UK’s fourth energy pillar, or broken bridge?
WP SCCS 2009-02
The Path to a Deployable CCS Technology
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