Large point sources of carbon dioxide are responsible for a significant proportion of the world's greenhouse gas emissions, with fossil fuel power stations responsible for around 25 per cent of the total. CCS is expected to make a major contribution to reducing these emissions.

Few commercial-scale CCS projects currently exist in the world and a lack of experience in regulatory agencies and commercial entities of how regulatory systems would apply to CCS projects increases risk, potentially leading to delays and increased costs for emerging projects.

This toolkit has been produced by the Scottish Carbon Capture and Storage research centre on behalf of the Scottish Government and sponsored by the Global CCS Institute. It guides users through a test regulatory exercise that provides a quick, low-cost, low-risk approach to testing regional and national legislation and regulatory systems for CCS projects, and turning recommendations into reality.

Implementing this toolkit will assist you – government, regulators, and industry – to work quickly together to map, test and understand your national regulatory process for carbon capture and storage projects – including:

  • who needs to be involved;
  • what resources are required;
  • what permits are required;
  • what information and analysis is required;
  • what the consents timelines are likely to be; and
  • how to follow-up on lessons learned.
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