Dr Philippa Parmiter

Programme Manager

t. +44 (0)131 651 4041
m. +44 (0)7795 882 122

Philippa Parmiter manages the SCCS project and team and the strategic delivery of key outputs. This involves directing and coordinating the different SCCS activities, including knowledge exchange and dissemination, policy and technical analysis, and business development. She also undertakes financial management and reporting, chairs the regular SCCS Directorate meetings and reports biannually to the SCCS Advisory Board.

Philippa joined SCCS as a Business Development Executive and continues to carry out this function, developing successful bids and building relationships with international businesses, policymakers and researchers. She also contributes to outputs such as analyses and reports on industrial hubs and clusters and CCS business models, and to policy briefings and consultation responses. She has also scoped and delivered targeted knowledge dissemination events.

A Chartered Engineer, Philippa has a MSc in Environmental Protection and Management (Distinction) from the University of Edinburgh and a PhD in Physical Electronics. She has worked for government, academia, an environmental consultancy and for a start-up through to volume manufacturing, resulting in a patent on semiconductor waveguides and an entry in the Guinness Book of Records for the world’s smallest TV screen.

Business Development


Dr Romain Viguier

Business Development & Project Manager

t. +44 (0)131 651 4685
m. +44 (0)7814 787 516

Romain focuses on business development across the carbon capture utilisation and storage (CCUS) value chain; including CO2 capture technologies, transport, utilisation and conversion, power plant integration modelling and engineering, geological storage, measurement and monitoring. He provides the SCCS partnership with industry engagement and identifies research and commercial opportunities in CCUS.

Over the last four years, Romain has established long-lasting strategic relationships with key stakeholders from various sectors, such as Bioenergy, Hydrogen, Food & Drink, Oil & Gas, and Heavy Industries, including Petrochemicals Steel & Cement and with a large number of SMEs. He has organised a number of targeted industry events and technical meetings, and initiated and supported the development of successful research collaborations and large research projects involving industrial partners and multiple stakeholders.

Romain joined SCCS to support the commercialisation and deployment of CCS as a climate change mitigation solution after spending 14 years in research, management and commercialisation within the cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food & drink and life science sectors. Romain is a certified Prince2 project manager with a PhD in Chemistry.



Rebecca Bell

Policy & Research Officer

t. +44 (0)131 651 4647
m. +44 (0)7795 882 123

Rebecca Bell is responsible for policy and advocacy for the SCCS research partnership, monitoring and analysing Scottish, UK, EU and international CCS policy formulation. She develops evidence-based SCCS policy positions and translates these into consultation responses, committee evidence and media releases.

Rebecca engages with politicians from all parties, as well as industry groups, public bodies and non-governmental organisations to build support for CCS in Scotland. She advises on policy areas, including industrial decarbonisation, oil and gas decommissioning, and net zero emissions ambitions.

Rebecca has over 12 years’ experience in policy development, analysis, and advocacy. A former chair of the Sustainable Scotland Network, editor of Scotland’s State of the Environment report and a political campaigner, Rebecca has worked in local government and the NGO sector, building and strengthening partnerships to embed climate change and sustainability in decision-making, and developing projects to deliver a step change in climate action.



Richard Lindsay Stevenson

Data and Projects Officer

m. +44(0)7795 882 124

Richard Stevenson is responsible for providing data management, analysis and dissemination and knowledge exchange support across the SCCS partnership and for multiple international CCUS projects. More specifically, this includes analysis and dissemination of Scottish industrial and power emissions, monitoring the progress of CCUS projects around the world, management of the SCCS Global Map, and responding to North Sea infrastructure decommissioning consultations on behalf of SCCS.

Richard provides advice to SCCS and EU project partners and key stakeholders, such as Scottish Government and other industry and academic groups, and also contributes to the wider SCCS partnership in terms of knowledge dissemination, events organisation and publicising successful projects & grant awards.

Richard previously taught Japanese at UK undergraduate level and worked as a translator and proofreader in Japan and the UK. He holds an MSc in Translation Studies and an MSc in Carbon Management (both The University of Edinburgh). He joined SCCS in 2014.


Post currently vacant

Scientific Research Officer

t. +44 (0)131 651 4679

This post, currently vacant, provides a technical knowledge service to the SCCS Directorate and Team, its partner institutions and funders, including Scottish Government.




Indira Mann

Communications & Knowledge Exchange Executive

t. +44 (0)131 651 4041
m. +44 (0)7795 882 125

Indira Mann is responsible for delivering communications for the SCCS research partnership, promoting its expertise, strengthening relationships and creating opportunities for knowledge exchange with stakeholders worldwide. She also delivers content and quality assurance for SCCS and its partner projects.

Indira manages dissemination and knowledge exchange activities for several international projects funded by the European Union and participating countries, including ALIGN-CCUS, LAUNCH, the European CCUS Projects Network, NEWEST-CCUS, STRATEGY-CCUS and SECURe.

She has also developed and delivered public engagement activities, with other institutes and organisations, on the role of CCS in climate change action.

Indira is a journalist and communications expert with nearly 25 years of experience. For more than ten years, she has worked within the energy and environmental sectors, with media and communications roles in non-government organisations in the UK and Norway, and for publishers at home and abroad. She joined SCCS in 2013.


Richard Lo Bianco

Digital Communications Officer

m. +44 (0)7595 875 979

Richard Lo Bianco is responsible for managing and delivering digital media communications for the SCCS partnership and multiple CCUS Projects across Europe, to promote their research and translate findings into formats accessible to different audiences. This involves recording and post-production of audio and video content and other digital media for dissemination through online and social media channels. He also assists with technical input and support in organising and managing conferences, online meetings, webinars and events.

Richard joined SCCS in 2020, bringing his creative and technology background to the team. He has over 10 years of expertise in IT sales and training, organising and facilitating events, and engaging with a variety of audiences including youth groups, schools, professionals, and businesses.

Richard has an MSc in Sound Design from the University of Edinburgh. He has collaborated in multidisciplinary projects and worked providing consultative AV advice, audio engineering, post-production services, and broadcasting support for films, animations, theatre, published apps, and independent media producers.



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