CO₂-Enhanced Oil Recovery (CO₂-EOR) technology, which has been widely applied in North America, could store around 75 million tonnes of CO₂ from Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) projects. It could also enhance oil production from reservoirs deep beneath the North Sea by 10% to 25%.

The process involves injecting CO₂ into partially depleted oilfields to force out additional volumes of oil, with CO₂ being residually trapped and permanently stored. To date there has been no supply of CO₂ to support industrial scale CO₂-EOR in the North Sea. Recent developments and future commitments to commercial-scale CCS projects could change this.




This Joint Industry Project (JIP) aims to further the understanding of EOR, with the aim of creating a commercial use for CO₂ captured from power plants and industry.

The project, led by SCCS with funding from five project partners – Scottish Government, Scottish Enterprise, 2Co Energy, Nexen and Shell – has focused on issues of major importance to project developers looking to link CO₂-EOR in the North Sea with CCS projects. A total of 17 detailed reports plus a summary report have been produced. Further details and copies of the reports can be found here.


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A selection of other CO₂-EOR and related CCS reports can be found here.


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